Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Sorority Crafts!

Holy wow. It has been far too long. The reason I've been so busy is because, this year, I am my chapter's Membership Vice President! This is good news for you sorority girls because I'll be posting recruitment things up here!
But for now, I'll post a few more sorority crafts :)

In my chapter, we make crafts for our kiddos that represent our four core values: Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty. I made this apron for my kiddo for her "labor" gift.
It was so easy! I found the apron at Michael's, and I bought iron-on letters and the cupcake design at JoAnn's. I cut out the pieces I wanted on the apron, and after I ironed them on I hot-glued rhinestones, flowers, and the bow at the top. I also actually burned part of the iron-on (haha) so I covered it with glitter! When in doubt, add glitter.

The results! :)

Other girls make different crafts for their kiddos, like paint brushes (adorbs), spatulas, hammers, and spoons. No one had made an apron before and it definitely fits my kiddo's personality, which is why I chose it :)

Good luck crafting!

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