Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sorority Crafts!

I really need to get better at this blogging thing. If my major is going to be Electronic Media and Film, I should probably figure out this whole social media deal.
So I made all these awesome crafts for my kiddo (aka: "little"). But before I made them I had searched on the internet what kinds of crafts I could make her, but I couldn't really find anything! These are just a few things that I made for my kiddo (little, whatever.) and anyone in any sorority can make these for their kiddos or littles :)
 This is our family tree! It was fairly easy to make. I bought the plaque of wood, the rhinestone stickers, the lip stickers, and the paint at Michael's. When you go to Michael's, always look for what's on sale. ALWAYS! Crafting can get pricey.
 Just a basic picture frame. I was going for a Juicy Couture inspired look. Did it work?
 This is a door hanger (if you couldn't gather that). Can you tell my kiddo is a diva? ;)

 These are little stand up signs, I painted both sides of them so she could change it up if she wanted to.

 This is probably my favorite! It's very Cinderella like! This picture doesn't do it justice, haha. Again, I got the wood at Michael's, again, IT WAS ON SALE! I also got the pearl stickers at Michael's.
 I found these frames at the dollar store. They came pre-made with really ugly pictures of flowers in them. I just tore out those pictures and replaced them with our letters, painted the frames black, and added a little glitter paint :)
 I love this picture frame! I was going for something kind of Betsey Johnson. I got the frame at the dollar store and I painted over it and added a few 3-D flower stickers. I'm pretty sure I hot glued some of them to make sure they would stay.

This is Brittany's pin box, or badge box. I bought the box and the little circle mirrors all at Michael's. The little mirrors can easily dress up any craft and they're a fun way to make things look a little fancier.
Finally, this is her letter :) The background is just scrapbook paper. I traced the B onto the paper and used glitter Mod Podge to put it on.  I added some ribbon and a few stickers to make it a little more exciting!

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