Friday, October 14, 2011

So I finally figured out what to write about! And that is just... things that are kind of cool that I would like to share with others. And by others, I mean really just anyone who stumbles across this blog. I guess... Well I mean I sort of got the idea because I live in a dorm and I've realized how unrealistic blogs are about dorm decorating. A lot of them are like, "Paint the walls! Light a candle! Hang things from the walls with nails! Use wallpaper! La-di-da I've obviously never lived in a dorm!" And having lived in two very small dorms with roommates, suite-mates, communal bathrooms, and all that other super cool stuff, I feel qualified to give a few tips. Oh! Also, I'm in a sorority. It's cool though, it's not like what you see in the movies that go straight to DVD or ABC Family. Anyways, we do a lot of crafting and fun junk like that (you know, "big-little," "mom-kiddo," whatever you do) and I will be crafting a LOT in the next few weeks so... get excited. I never really find cool crafts online, but maybe I'm bad at Google searching things.

This is how I feel about writing this blog. And my major. Whatever, I'm just doing it.

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